Just 1 product that you need to own for an ultra luscious look!

You don’t need to own huge palettes of eye shadows and learn how to apply layers and layers of them, smudge and blend them to get that perfect look. Sometimes using just 1 stunning product is enough for that ultra luscious look; but you must know which one!

INGLOT Body Sparkles – Silver and its applicator INGLOT Duraline

blog pic 204
INGLOT Body Sparkle (Silver), INGLOT Duraline and The Body Shop Shimmer cubes palette 06


Because this single shade works for both gold and silver make ups!

blog pic 201


Here are 5 simple steps I used to get the above look!

  1. Apply a dull gold shade eye shadow over the eyes. I used – THE  BODY SHOP – Shimmer cubes Palette 06. And a little silver eye shadow at the bottom corner of the eye along with kajal. I used INGLOT silver.
  2. Apply a drop of applicator, INGLOT Duraline, on both eye lids and gently spread it on the eye lids.
  3. Take a brush and pat the INGLOT Body sparkle over the eye lids. Be careful not to drop it under the eyes or on your cheeks. Apply some powder under the eyes if need be and then brush it off later.
  4. Apply a thick liquid eye liner. I used – MAYBELINE – Liquid eye liner.
  5. Curl up the lashes with a mascara. I used VICTORIAS SECRET Lash lust mascara.

And then what you’ll have are gorgeous shimmer eyes that will captivate one and all!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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