Where to buy ORAGNIC Holi colours?

With adulteration being an easy way to sell colours at cheap prices, the festival of HOLI is usually followed by visits to dermatologist and lots of skin issues. This HOLI we advise all our readers to go ORGANIC and protect their skin from the harmful effects of HOLI colours. Here is a list of few places to buy Organic Holi colours from:

blog pic 25
KAMA, Pavilion Mall, Ludhiana


  1. KAMA, Pavilion Mall, Ludhiana – Visit Kama store to buy colours made from temple flowers by differently abled people. Shop for Rs 2500 and above and get a complimentary Holi ‘Protect & Cleanse’ box.
  2. FAB INDIA, Mbd Mall, Ludhiana – Herbal Holi colours available in a pack of 4 (200 gm) for Rs 160.
  3. ORGANICA –  You may want to order organic colours online from the following website: organicaonline.com
  4. MAKE ORGANIC HOLI COLOURS AT HOME – While it is difficult to make large qualities of organic colour at home. You can always make few pouches for kids to play with. The following link would help: http://www.babycenter.in/x25005459/how-can-i-make-home-made-holi-colours
  5. Use alternate things : Snow spray, atta, besan etc.

There are lots of other products in the market too being sold tagged as herbal colours but I strongly urge our readers to buy HOLI colours from trusted brands only. Prevention is always better than cure.

Wishing all our readers a very Happy and safe Holi!

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DISCLAIMER :  The above are only suggestions only to be accepted by the reader at his/her own discretion. We do no take responsibility of the quality of the product at all and advise the readers to be thorough before buying any HOLI product.

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